Bitcoin - the all digital currency that requires no central bank - had its beginnings in anarcho-capitalism, and buying drugs online. But within the past year , Bitcoin has become more mainstream, and just a few weeks ago, the first Bitcoin ATM opened in Vancouver. Here at 3D Co., I provide high-quality 3D Printing Services at affordable rates, and I really think producers like me will revolutionize the 3D Printing industry. I think accepting Bitcoin will help me stay at the forefront of new technology, and help me provide the best possible service for my customers. 

Betting on technology I believe in.

Bitcoin is part of a broader set of interrelated technologies that promise to transform the way our economy functions, yet could have unintended outcomes.

In the 3D printing industry, there seems to be an uncountable number of 3D Printer producers, service-providers, and intermediaries - yet no one quite knows where it knows where the industry will end up. Bitcoin has a similar amount of volatility, despite its recent popularity: its price against USD is constantly fluctuating, and Bitcoin exchanges have experienced security issues.

Here on the "Bleeding Edge" of technology, this unpredictability comes with it the promise of big rewards, and innovative experiences. I started 3D Co. last May instead of working a summer job - I took a risk and I have been rewarded for that risk; I couldn't have predicted 3D Co. would be where it's at today back then. 

Therefore, I am willing to accept the risks and the volatility for the pure fun of "wading into the unknown" as it were - but merely 
accepting the risk is not actually an argument for doing something risky.

It is better for my customers.

Right now I customers can pay through PayPal, e-transfers, and cheques. Each of these methods place restrictions or waiting periods on funds.  Whereas Bitcoin enables the instant transfer of currency between my clients and me with no waiting periods or forms to sign up for - the coins are transferred from the customer’s wallet to mine instantly. I strongly believe that payments could be much, much easier than they are today - and Bitcoin seems to be a good step in the right direction.

I am not saying all, or even most, of my customers will use Bitcoin over more traditional methods of payment, but it seems prudent to have it available for those who will.

Available right now.

To pay in Bitcoin, simply ask and I will convert your quote from Canadian dollars to BTC using the trading price on Mt.Gox - from there we will exchange wallet numbers.