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To attend studio[Y], I am taking time off my bachelor’s degree in Urban Systems and Political Science at McGill University. Last May, I founded 3D Co, a 3D printing services firm that aims to make 3D printing affordable and accessible for all Canadians. Before founding 3D Co, I worked for Hon. Deb Matthews, MPP, in constituent communications. I grew up in London, Ontario, where I attended St Thomas Aquinas C.S.S. 

I am an avid learner, but I have found that the majority of my knowledge has flowed from my experiences outside the classroom.  I spend my free time reading, listening to podcasts, and teaching myself practical skills. I’m fascinated by entrepreneurship, social finance, and the intersections between social issues and design. Of course, emerging technology like 3D printing is a particularly strong interest of mine.  If you want to connect, let’s get a coffee!